February-14th the only day of the year that every ‘couple’ prays never to end and every ‘single’ guy prays never to begin .On the valentine’s day of 2014 I walked along the world’s second longest beach “The Marina” wondering with bewilderment, awe(and some jealousy of course!) at the sheer number of couples filling the beach sand. Braving the heat of the scorching sun that refused to reduce its intensity even at 5 30 pm, hundreds of couples sat there chit chatting their way to a dream land.

Among all the couples there was one pair that caught my attention, because from the moment they reached the sea shore they never spoke a word to each other. Both of them were staring at the wide open sea and apart occasional glances there seemed to be no interaction between the two. Even more intriguing was the fact that judging by their facial expressions both of them seemed to be enjoying each other’s company without a single spoken word. I slowly approached the couple but they continued to have a wonderful time completely oblivious to the fact that my pair of envious eyes was scanning them from tip to toe. As soon as I was close enough I tapped on the guy’s shoulder. He turned around, irritated at being disturbed, he blurted out a rude, “what?”  I asked the guy, “Boss, can I ask u something?”With his irritation increasing even more he repeated his statement, “what?” Faking a polite tone, I asked him, “what is it that makes you guys stick together & enjoy each other’s company so much!?”As soon as I finished my question the irritation on his face disappeared and was replaced by a pleasant smile, he looked at his girl and winked, she replied gracefully with a blush. The guy moved an inch closer to me and replied“chemistry man! We have a beautiful chemistry between us that fills us with joy whenever we are together!”

At that moment I kicked myself for having hated the great subject of ‘chemistry’ all through my middle and high school.





To all the people who say ‘love is a matter of the heart’, am sorry to disappoint you but your heart has nothing to do with love. So who is the real culprit? We can never really ‘think up’ the answer to this question because the ‘culprit’ is only doing the thinking for us. Yes the real culprit is the brain.
The Ventral tegmental area is a small factory in the brain that creates one of the most important hormone in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that helps in controlling the pleasure center of the brain. Thus the pleasure of intense romantic is the same pleasure pleasure as the rush of cocaine(at least you come down from the high of cocaine).

So girls,next time a guy proposes to you like this


Please do not accept because he should really be proposing like this


So what is love?

The modern day philosopher Yann Dall’Agilo expresses it best!

“Love. It is nothing more than the desire to be desired!

No matter who we are, what we do every single human being on this planet wants to be desirable. The ever increasing level of consumerism is prevalent today only because of the drive to be desirable. Historians classify our age as a materialistic age and philosophers identify as materialistic people but at the root of all this materialism is the need to be desired. What better illustaration is needed for this theory more than a teenager who buys a perfectly good pair of expensive jeans and tear them at the knee, just so that he/she can be desirable among peers.

Love is also one of the most addicting substances in the world. It has all the features of any other substance addiction but the only difference here being that you are addicted to another human being. This is nature’s way of ensuring the desire for life’s greatest prize ‘an appropriate mating partner’.


Ulagathula evlo paer irunthum naa yaen  unna love panen?(there are millions of people in the world yet why did I choose you?)

love post

Have you ever experienced the WTF  moment when the hottest girl in your office falls for the lamest guy you can imagine!

Life’s greatest beauty lies in this unsolvable paradox of love.The when,where and how of love is a question that has traveled with humans from the very beginning.  But this is one question we don’t want to know the answer to,because this great puzzle holds the ray of hope to life’s greatest prize,”an appropriate life partner!”

After decades of research these so called experts have only been able to scratch the surface in their futile attempts to understand true love. May be one day in the future humans will evolve to understand the depth of the most powerful emotion in humans.

Untill then humans will continue  to dance for love, sing for love , compose poems for love , kill for love , die for love and be entranced by the magic of love.



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