Just Good Friends

One day! when the world is a better place to live in
One day! when the minds of men broadens from a brook to an ocean
One day! when the chains of women are truly broken
One day! when men realize that a girl is not a pet dog for you to protect
One day! when it dawns on men and women alike that women are perfectly equal individuals who can handle their own mind and body
One day! when girls learn to Reject stud looking jackasses
And give a chance to sober looking yet real ‘men’
One day! when insecure boyfriends realize that loyalty can only be earned and not bought/commanded/demanded
One day! when guys understand that
‘Friends’ are definitely not desperate guys waiting to ‘fuck’ your girl
That day!
Only That day! My dear! you and me can be what we want to be
Until then;a guy and a girl can never be

“Just good friends”

 Yours lovingly

One true friend



Let me start with a story. As usual. Like all young fools in the world. I too had a love

story. Like all young fools in the world, I too believed it was special. Like all young fools in

the world, I too believed it to ‘live happily everafter’ . like all young fools in the world I too

had a breakup story. Like all young fools in the world I too realized I was a fool.

Like all young fools in the world, I too sat down with a bottle and a smoke to drown my

sorrows. Like all young fools I too had a “best friend” to share my sorrows and my bottle

(the latter more importantly than the former).

The amazingly insightful and knowledgeable ‘best friend’ put his arms around my

shoulder and told me

“I know she is a bitch man! Go ahead and crib your heart out. Cause that’s what ‘men’ do!”

And so under the Guidance of my best mate and the blessings of soup boy goddhanush.

I sit down to write my first soup song.

Friends, gals and fellow soup-boys

I come here not to praise my relationship but to bury it.

If my girlfriend ( if I can call her that anymore) had betrayed me then it definitely is a

grevious fault, but I doubt if putting facts on the table and parting as friends,shaking

hands could be termed betrayal. Yet, my friend tells me that she betrayed me and that I

should rip her apart with words cause thats what men do. So I will do it

Cause I am a man

I remember the day we met, when the world was busy judging me on looks she was able

to look through the physical and judge me based on my intellect like a true matured


But today I must judge her on her one action and call her a bitch;

Cause thats what men do.

And I am a man!

I remember our elongated debates through which she taught me to look at the world

from a different perspective.

But I must forget her lesson today and look at her from my perspective alone and call her

a traitor

Cause thats what men do

And I am a man!

I remember the first kiss. When she kissed me just to show me that physical intimacy is

nothing compared to the pleasures of intellectual intimacy.

But today I must call her a whore

Cause thats what men do

And I am a man!

I recollect the pains she took to search through my entire personality, intimidations, fears

and weaknesses to identify my talent for words and make me put pen to paper.

But today I must use the writing skill that she identified to abuse her

Cause thats what men do

And I am a man!

I remember the days when we sit next to each other without exchanging a single world.

Each engrossed in a book and yet in the evening, split with the satisfaction of talking for

several hours

Yet I must accuse her cheating me with her ever so kind words

Cause thats what men do

And I am a man!

I have neither the wit,nor words nor worth to question the millions of ‘men’ for exhibiting

‘manhood’ by claiming to

Kill her ;slash her ;burn her ; abuse her.

But I just confess my inability to indulge in any such deeds there by proving myself a

hypocrite. The only thing I see myself fit to do is convey a big

Thank you.

For everything she was,is and could have been in my life.