Just Good Friends

One day! when the world is a better place to live in
One day! when the minds of men broadens from a brook to an ocean
One day! when the chains of women are truly broken
One day! when men realize that a girl is not a pet dog for you to protect
One day! when it dawns on men and women alike that women are perfectly equal individuals who can handle their own mind and body
One day! when girls learn to Reject stud looking jackasses
And give a chance to sober looking yet real ‘men’
One day! when insecure boyfriends realize that loyalty can only be earned and not bought/commanded/demanded
One day! when guys understand that
‘Friends’ are definitely not desperate guys waiting to ‘fuck’ your girl
That day!
Only That day! My dear! you and me can be what we want to be
Until then;a guy and a girl can never be

“Just good friends”

 Yours lovingly

One true friend


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